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The mission of the Kidman Süßbier Institute is to recognise and acknowledge people's potential, and to support and accompany people in the discovery and fulfillment of their dreams and goals.

Our mission is to provide coaching, seminars, workshops and English language training that form the basis of personal growth, self-development and successful partnerships.


In a world affected by continuous change in politics, business and culture, new lifestyles and concepts of time, competition and work practices, climate change and the availabiltiy of natural resources as well as the daily quest for acknowledgement and survival every person has the chance to realise their dreams and achieve their goals irrespective of their social status, race, skin colour, gender, and cultural and religious affiliation.

Our services

Through coaching, coaching & photography, through Brain Gym®, seminars and workshops on successful leadership and change, as well as through English language training for personal and business requirements you will be able to discover and develop your potential, find satisfaction and live in the now, realise dreams and achieve goals with motivation and enthusiasm.

We offer coaching in German and English.

Seminars and Workshops are offered in German, English and Spanish.

We would be happy to answer your questions.

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