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Coaching and Photography

What is Coaching and Photography?  

Coaching is accompanying the client in the fulfilment of their dreams and achievement of set goals. Trust, open communication, the development of solutions and the client’s commitment will enable them to move towards their goals, achieve their goals, define and pursue new goals.  

Photography is the art and creativity of the compilation of a visual representation. It is the ability to realize your own ideas, thoughts and imaginativeness with the help of a camera and lens to make it visible and perceptible to yourself and others.  

Coaching and Photography enables the client to discover, explore and communicate openly their talents and capabilities through their own photographic representation. Insights present and open up new pathways to achieving and realizing their dreams and goals.  

Photography as Metaphor builds bridges between your own dreams and goals, ideals, feelings, thoughts and inner images.


Pictures evolve. 
Sensations and feelings are awoken. 
Emotions set free. 
New pictures evolve.


The Value

*  I have found what I have always been looking for
*  Change of perspective has given me new views, insights and understanding 

*  Opens up new pathways 
*  Small details create the big picture 
*  Blurred experiences enable me to let go and not to see and understand everything in detail 
*  Particular colours motivate me 
*  Pictures stimulate my creativity 
*  Experience the world differently through a lens 
*  Everything around me takes on another significance 
*  I am more motivated 
*  I have seen myself 
*  I have realised things that up to now I have not been aware of


Individual Coaching

Small Group Coaching  

     Number or participants:  4-8

Group Coaching (open group)
     Number of participants:  by arrangement

In-company Coaching

     Number of participants:  by arrangement

Languages: English, German and Spanish

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