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Learning to Learn 

Discover the ease and joy of learning and meeting new challenges  


Learning is a treasure which accompanies
its owner everywhere.
(Chinese Proverb)


In this workshop you will experience the ease and joy of learning and meeting new challenges through movements and activities which facilitate all learning processes.

Discover strategies that will support and enrich your learning, make you more effective in your daily life, enhance your creativity and lead to satisfaction, excellence and success. 


What can we see, read, acquire, but ourselves?
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Journals (1832)



* Enhance your creativity, critical thinking skills and learning skills
* Improve your concentration, attention and memory
* Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem
* Enhance your performance
* Reduce stress


* What do I believe about learning?
* What is my preferred learning style?
* How can I meet new challenges with confidence, success and excellence?
* Who am I when I am learning and meeting new challenges?


* Exploring learning through creativity and movement
* Learning with all your senses
* Your own resources, creativity and the wisdom of your body
* Your own magnificence and more of who you really are


* Movements that stimulate and prepare your brain and the whole nervous system for optimal performance in all areas –  

   intellectual, creative and interpersonal
* How to set learning goals
* How to support your learning through accessing positive and resourceful learning states
* How to access your own resources to enhance your learning
* How to learn more effectively by discovering new strategies
* The latest practical, easy-to-understand research on learning and the brain with tips and techniques for using these ideas 
   to enrich and enhance your own learning and everyday life


Would you like to find out more about Learning to Learn?

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