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Business English and English for Special Purposes  


Kidman Süßbier Institute offers language training in business English and English for special purposes in small groups (4 participants) or on a one-to-one basis for people with previous knowledge of English. These courses are for people working in a business environment where a good command of English is necessary and essential.

Our business English and English for special purposes training will develop and enhance your communication skills and enable you to communicate more effectively and successfully in English with a special focus on international communication, intercultural communication, customer care, presentations and negotiations. You will hone your speaking skills and improve your oral fluency as well as activate and extend your English vocabulary.

Each participant will be given a placement test (oral and written) in order to ascertain their level of English.

Unique features of our business English and English for special purposes training


Our training can be arranged, customised and taken according to your individual needs.
The time between the sessions will enable you to put into practice what you have learnt.

An experience, not a training room

Our training is a mindbody experience and will allow you to experience the knowledge and make it your own. You will learn and live the material presented in our training.

Project-based Learning

One of the most effective ways to learn is to use and integrate the knowledge and skills in your everyday life and your own field of work.

Accelerated learning

The training will include some of the latest practical, easy-to-understand research on learning and the brain with tips and techniques for using these ideas in your own learning and everyday professional life.

What will you achieve ?

* How to build and maintain rapport - the heart of successful communication. 
* How to set goals and achieve what you want. 
* How to see, hear and feel more to enable you to communicate more successfully - How to talk another person’s language.
* How to communicate clearly and effectively in English - How to access resourceful states and create your own state
   of excellence.

* Presentation skills - How to present more confidently and successfully in English.
* How to negotiate more successfully in English.
* How to facilitate meetings and make meetings work.
* How to create high performance teams.
* The vocabulary and expressions to discuss themes connected to general business matters and your professional life.
* How to discuss business and specialist topics in an international environment.
* How to learn more effectively by exploring different learning-strategies.
* Advanced presentation skills.


Would you like to find out more about Business English and English for Special Purposes?

Please contact us and arrange a personal consultation or register now directly for any of our seminars and workshops.


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