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'Be(e) Bumble Bee' 

The Art and Science of Presenting  

This training will enable you to present and communicate in English effectively, successfully and with even more confidence.

Training Overview:

You will explore the following questions:  

* What makes a person an interesting, effective and compelling presenter?
* What is my own presentation style and how can I develop it?
* What is the difference that makes the difference?
* What effect do I have on others?
* Presentation skills: how to present effectively, successfully and with confidence in English 
* Discover your own presentation style 
* How to see, hear and feel more to enable you to present and communicate more successfully 
* How to develop your behavioural flexibility 
* How to talk another person‘s language
* How to access your own magic and resources 
* Develop and acquire strategies that give you confidence when presenting, conversing and discussing in an international
   business environment 
* The latest practical, easy-to-understand research on learning and the brain with tips and techniques for using these ideas
   to enrich and enhance your own presentation skills.

This course is taught in: English  

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