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'Sculptor, Volcano, Samoan Village Chief'
Pathways to Change

Explorer, Island and the Dance
Leading and Leadership through Creativity, Movement, Art, Storytelling, Poetry and Music
- Authentic Leadership -

'Fly With The Sky'
Explore ‘balance’ through movement, the mind-body connection, nature, and creativity. 

- The Art and Science of Balance - 

'The Red Cherries'
 How to integrate creativity into your leadership skills and all areas of your professional and personal life
- Exploring Creativity for Leadership and Life -

'Taste the Thyme' and 'Growing Thyme'
Experience time consciously and creatively, have more 'thyme' in your life and more 'time' for your life.
- ‛The Creativity Atelier’ -

'Be(e) Bumble Bee'

Present and communicate in English effectively, successfully and with even more confidence.
- The Art and Science of Presenting -

Learning To Learn
Strategies that will support and enrich your learning, make you more effective, enhance your creativity and lead to satisfaction, excellence and success
- Discover the ease and joy of learning and meeting new challenges -

'Onion Bread and Honey 

......being more of who you really are
- ‛The Creativity Atelier’ -


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