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'Explorer, Island and the Dance'
The Journey of Authentic Leadership

The Journey of Authentic Leadership will take you to exotic, exciting and inspiring places where you will dream, tell your stories, listen to the wisdom of your body and discover a treasure-house of gifts and resources to support you.

This experiential, multi-sensory workshop will explore leading and leadership through creativity, movement, art, storytelling, poetry and music.

You will experience your own journey of authentic leadership, your own magnificence and learn some powerful strategies to enrich and enhance your leadership skills inspiring you to lead and learn from within.

Choose the path with the heart.
(Carlos Casteneda)



* Enhance your creativity
* Inspire yourself to learn and change
* Personal growth and development
* Enhance your sense of self


* Authentic leadership and leading from within
* Exploring leadership through creativity and movement
* Learning with all your senses
* The wisdom of the body
* Your own resources
* Your own creativity
* Your own  magnificence
* More of who you really are


* Skills and tools to enrich and enhance leading, leadership and being a leader from within
* One of the most important ‘self skills’ of leadership: The ability to manage your internal state
* Other important self skills to successfully lead yourself
* How to access resourceful states
* How to create an aligned state
* How to access your own resources to enhance leadership
* More about your beliefs about your abilities, identity, leading, leadership, creativity and change
* How to strengthen key beliefs about your abilities and identity
* More about your life purpose and what is important to you
* Basic coaching skills and how to coach yourself in the context of leadership 


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