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Communicating Successfully 



Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.

(Albert Einstein)


'Communicating Successfully' focuses on the important skills you need to create your own state of excellence and enable you to communicate more confidently and effectively.

You will explore communication through creativity, movement, art, storytelling, poetry and music. You will experience your own creativity and magnificence and learn some powerful tools and strategies to enrich and enhance your communication skills.


* Enhance your creativity
* Personal growth and development
* Enhance your sense of self


* Exploring communication through creativity and movement
* Learning with all your senses
* The wisdom of the body
* Your own resources
* Your own creativity
* Your own  magnificence
* More of who you really are 


* How to build and maintain rapport - the heart of successful communication
* How to set goals and achieve what you want
* How to develop your behavioural flexibility
* How to see, hear and feel more to enable you to communicate more successfully
* How to talk another person’s language
* How to access resourceful states and create your own state of excellence
* How to access your own resources, enhance your creativity and realise your full potential
* Skills and tools to enrich and enhance your communication skills
* Important self skills to communicate confidently and effectively
* Basic coaching skills and how to coach yourself in the context of communication

8x 90 Minutes

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