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'Tree In The Glass'
New Dimensions Experience

What allows us to experience and think in new dimensions?

What are the new dimensions you would like to explore and experience that could take you to other, more enriched levels of being and thinking, enabling you to improve your performance, achieve success and enhance your life?

In this experiential, workshop you will explore your own 'new dimensions' through creativity, inspiration, nature, movement, the senses, the mind-body connection, art, music, storytelling and poetry.

Discover how getting out of your own way and your comfort zone will allow your creativity, excellence and magnificence to be expressed in the world.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us
are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.” 
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)



* Enhance your creativity
* Realise your full potential
* Clarity in your thinking and your life goals
* Personal growth and development
* Create your own 'new dimensions' enabling you to meet challenges and improve performance


* Your own 'new dimensions'
* How to allow space for new dimensions and have a 360° panoramic view
* Your own creativity, inspiration and motivation
* Powerful questions and your intuition
* Beliefs that will enable you to experience, think in and be in 'new dimensions'
* How having more choices can lead to excellence
* Thinking without limits
* The dimensions in your body
* More energy, balance and inner peace 


* Skills to explore and create 'new dimensions'
* Strategies to enable you to get out of your own way and your comfort zone, and allow your creativity, excellence
and magnificence to be expressed in the world
* How inspiration stimulates new thinking and being
* How movement influences your thinking and experiencing
* How to understand and deal with thought viruses
* How to enhance your creativity
* How to develop and use more of your senses
* How to have more energy and balance
* How to learn from nature
* More about your beliefs, about your abilities, creativity and what is possible
* Coaching skills and how to coach yourself in the context of  'new dimensions experience'


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