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What is Coaching?

Professional Coaching is a powerful partnership that supports clients in moving forward and achieving their  goals resulting in a fulfilling, satisfying and successful personal and professional life that is aligned with their values.

Coaching focuses on where the clients are now and what they are prepared to do to get to where they want to be in the future.

Through coaching clients experience profound learning, they improve their performance and enhance their lives.

What will I achieve through working with a coach?

1.   Find the answers to the following questions:

       - What do I want?      
       - What is important to me?
       - Where am I going?     
       - Where am I now? 
       - How can I live my life in keeping with what is important to me?

2.   Enhance my creativity

3.   Improve my skills
4.   Realise my full potential
5.   Personal growth and development
6.   Gain clarity in my thinking
7.   Enable me to clarify what I want and what is important to me

8.   Identify strategies that will enable me to be successful
9.   Challenge and assist me to change things that are not supporting me

How does coaching work?

The coaching alliance begins with an intake or foundation session where the client shares information to enable her/him to set goals for the duration of the coaching partnership.

The client and the coach meet at an arranged time for example once a week. In each meeting the client is responsible for the focus of the conversation.

The coach listens, observes, contributes observations and asks questions enabling the client to explore, discover and clarify what is important and find his/her own solutions and strategies.

In a coaching partnership the client is the expert in her/his personal and professional life and is resourceful, creative and whole.

The coaching sessions are held face-to-face or by tele-coaching.


The coach and client sign an agreement to hold all content of the coaching sessions completely confidential.

Why does coaching work?

Because synergy between the coach and the client creates momentum, and coaching creates clarity, provides focus and gives the client greater awareness of choice which accelerates progress and moves the client forward.

The client sets goals that are compelling, commits to what is important to her/him and is held responsible and accountable for this.

The client develops new ways of doing things, new skills, gains clarity on what is important to her/him, becomes more of who she/he is and this translates into happiness, satisfaction, excellence and success.

Life Coaching

Executive Coaching

Coaching is held in the following languages: German and English.


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